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School History

William Prescott Elementary School has always been part of the Scranton School District’s Elementary School system and has always served the Petersburg section of East Scranton in the Hill Section of the city. The original school was built in 1900, and an older school, the Muhlenberg School #5, at Prescott Avenue and Ash Street, (constructed in 1884) served as an annex to both the original and the present building until it was demolished in the 1970’s.

The current Prescott School was built in 1966, on the same site as the original building. At one time the school served a student population drawn mainly from the upper Hill Section of Scranton and those streets bordering the borough of Dunmore. With the closing of the old Washington Elementary School #1, in Central City (now converted to the Central Administration Building),  Prescott Elementary then expanded its student boundaries to include some areas from the lower Hill whose students previously attended the Washington School.School.   Going back to the early 1920’s, principals at Prescott have included Florence E. Colvin, F.A. Watrous, Stella Kinback, Michael E. Howard, Marjorie L. O’Neil, Lewis W. Phillips,  Michael Morrow,  George M. Roskos,  and Albert P. O'Donnell, the present principal.

The first principal of the newly constructed building was Mr. Howard. Originally, Prescott Elementary served children from kindergarten through grade six. Then the former James Madison Elementary school. At that time, sixth grade students from Prescott began attending East Intermediate. Use of the Annex was curtailed. Within a few years, due to its condition, the District demolished it. Subsequently, the Prescott School added a three-year old and a  four-year-old preschool class, and offers all day kindergarten. The school also has two sections each of grades one through five and Learning Support and ESL classes.