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Maury Ghergo » Welcome to Mrs. Ghergo's Third Grade

Welcome to Mrs. Ghergo's Third Grade

We are off to a great start to the school year! The students have been given the procedures and policies that we will be following throughout the school year.

Homework Policy - 2 assignments per night from Monday through Thursday. Homework that is not completed will be done at recess.

Behavior Policy - we have reviewed the class rules in class each day. Each student's name is on our class behavior chart. Every student starts the day with an A for behavior. If the class and school rules are not followed the student will receive a card change.

A - Be proud!
B- warning
C- Change of seat
D- Note or phone call home
E - principal

Weekly behavior sheets will be sent home on Fridays. The gold sheets mean that the student has followed class rules, completed homework, and put forth effort each day. The blue improvement sheets indicate that the student needs to improve in one or more of those areas. Blue sheets need to be signed and returned the following Monday. Gold sheets can be kept at home.

Reading / Language Arts -- Review the Family Times that is sent home for each new story. This will identify the reading, grammar, spelling, and writing skills we will be learning.

Math - In Unit 1 we will be learning about:

Bar Graphs
Multiplication and Division Strategies

Social Studies - We will be learning about communities and how we live, work, and play together

Please continue to watch for updates and I look forward to a successful new school year with our third grade students.