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The Everheart Museum on the Road visited us last week and taught us the science behind superhero powers!  We rotated through 5 activity stations which included many hands on activities.  We also were also able to take one of the learning activities home with us.  Thanks Everheart Staff!

Homework for the week of February 27, 2017

Weekly Word List /Tuesday- consonant blend worksheet 1 and teen counting worksheet/ Thursday - consonant blend worksheet 2 and Homelink 6.2

Homework or the week of January 30,2017

*Weekly word list
*Tuesday-Initial sound Oo worksheet and homelink 5-5
*Thursday-Medial sound Oo worksheet and homelink 5-8

Homework for the Week of January 2, 2017

* Weekly Word List
*Tuesday - Letter Nn Worksheet (initial sound pictures to circle) and Homelink 4-9 on measurement
*Thursday- Letter Bb Worksheet (initial sound pictures to circle) and Writers Notebook pages 171, 172

Homework Week of December 12,2016

*Weekly Word List
Tuesday - Beginning Sound Review Sheet 1 and Homelink 4.3
Thursday - Beginning Sound Review Sheet 2 and Homelink 4.5

Homework Week of December 5, 2016

*Weekly Word List
*Tuesday - Initial sound letter C circle and number practice sheet
*Thursday - Initial sound letter C and write the letter, homeland 4.1

Homework for week of November 14, 2016

Weekly Word List - Unit 2 Week 3
Tuesday- Circle pictures that begin with /p/ worksheet and HomeLink 3.9 for number order.
Thursday  - Circle pictures that begin with /s/ worksheet and HomeLink 3.12 for Monster Squeeze Game
Please remember to sign and return the HomeLink forms so your child receives credit for doing these at home activities.  

We read a few stories including "Duck for President" and we discussed what qualities make a good leader.  The students practiced voting to choose class games and activities during the week.  We also learned how to use tally marks to keep track of votes.  We made a craft featuring ourselves as President and wrote about what we would do if elected.
We had a day filled with pumpkin fun last Thursday.  We learned about how a pumpkin grows and completed a project on the growth sequence.  We completed a craft that used all the shapes we have been learning in math.  We tried foods made with pumpkin.  We also practiced our voting rights and voted on a design to carve on a pumpkin.  The friendly Frankenstein won and we helped scoop out our pumpkin while Mrs. Moore carved it!  We used our five senses for a concrete experience and had a day we will always remember!  Happy Harvest!

Homework for week of October 31,2016

Weekly Word Reading List
Tuesday - Letter Aa (circle pictures that begin with /a/) and Homelink 3.1
Thursday - Letter Aa (Writing and coloring pictures that begin with /a/) and Homelink 3.2 (Ten Coin Toss)

Picture Day - We were missing a few friends that day but here we are showing our best smiles!  

Homework Week of October 24,2016

Tuesday - Homelink 2-13 (number story practice) and phonics sheet (writing Tt for initial sound /t/)
Thursday - No homework (Field Trip/Halloween Parade and Party)

Homework Week of October 11, 2016

*Weekly Alphabet Fluency List
Tuesday - Practice Writing First Name Sheet and Homelink 2-5 (Addition/Subtraction Practice)
Thursday - Letter Mm and Circle Initial Sound Worksheet an d Homelink 2-7 (Sorting Activity)